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Graduation Requirements

Subject Credits
Economics 5
Elective Classes 50
English 40
Fine Arts/Foreign Language 10
Government 5
Mathematics (must include 10 Algebra, 10 Geometry) 30
Physical Education 30
Science (10 Life Science, 10 Physical Science) 20
U.S. History 10
World History I 10
World History II 10




Credit Limitations:  The following courses have credit limitations:

Physical Education                            40                                   Work Experience                          20

Teacher's Asst/Aide                          20                                    R.O.P. Classes                              40

Community College                           40

              Graduation is June 6,2018! We will see you in the quad area 

at Alta Vista High School.

We are so proud of all our graduates!  Please come and enjoy the celebration!

graduation clip art