Hello, I’d like to introduce myself to you. My name is Narciso Iglesias. I am your new principal. A little about myself. I was named after my grandfather Narciso Rodriguez Iglesias, who moved to Vista from Tijuana, Mexico in the 1960’s. I attended Sante Fe Elementary, Crestview Elementary, Washington Middle School, Vista High School, and Rancho Buena Vista High School. My favorite teachers were - Mrs. Shepherd, in 4th grade, she motivated me to do well on my multiplication tests by earning free books. And Mr. Lacey, my 5th-grade teacher, for having “virtual” running competitions, having us imagine we were running to the Wild Animal Park Zoo, by running actual laps around the campus that equaled 40 miles! 

I hope, by now, you know why I am here personally. Professionally, I hold a Bachelors in Psychology from CSUSM, a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from CSU Fullerton, Masters in Education from CSUSM, an Administrative Service Credential from CSUSM, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from a joint program between SDSU, CSUSM and UCSD. 

And I am here because of what we offer you - opportunities and options! We have all lived through this pandemic and as we emerge out of it, what we offer our educational community is absolutely vital and of utmost importance. I applaud our teachers for the work they are doing and we will continue to do for you!

As your new school leader, I am impressed by our core values. Our values are as follows: effective communication, critical thinking, responsible, and self-directed individuals. These are such important life ingredients. As your principal, I intend to not only live by these values and but use them to guide our conversations. As students - you will impact others as thoughtful leaders and our community will benefit immensely!

Nothing can stop us now! We provide flexible scheduling, social-emotional support, and multiple learning opportunities - these are the core elements in helping all our students recover and reclaim their academic lives and allow them to move forward into their bright futures. 

I can’t wait to hear from you. Relationships are at the center of what we do. I will be intentional in meeting with you soon and hearing your voices.